Assignments & Exams & Boxing


My updates for last december and upcoming january.

Its like boxing, when you knock the opponent out, you win. So far, Ive already K.O 3 of my assignments. There will be 3 more exams to be knocked down. Im now in training. Punching, kicking or even mike tyson’s biting and other kind of training.

Helped by hibernating in the wintery, snowy bloddy freezing condition (its always below 0 degrees). Ive managed to devote my daily life on training in my room. Also managed to live in d house, without stepping out (except for jumaat prayers).

Here are pictures of my opponents.

These 3 are already been knocked down.

These are 3 upcoming opponents to be knocked down.

Lastly, this is my match schedule.

Pray for my success. InsyaALLAH. Amin.





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