Manutd vs Bolton Vids


Here are the video that I record (using my vid cam) during match Manutd vs Bolton. Enjoy yaa..

1. The video was taken by my friend. That is our seat and view for the game. It was really fantastic view. The seat that we got were quite comfortable because it has cushion and armrest.

2. This one is the video of Rio Ferdinand. He was only less than one metre from me. At that time, I felt like want to grab his head and touch his curly hair.

3. This video was taken by me at the Old Trafford before the match start. All fans were waiting for the Aston Villa vs Chelsea result. If Chelsea lost, and Manutd win, Manutd will at the top and eventually, it happenned. I love you aston villa. Huahua.

4. Evra with Anderson went to their car. Im not really sure whos car is it? but I guess it is anderson’s R8 as I have seen in youtube before.

5. This video was taken when we want to find our seat. The system of supporters flowing is very good. In fact I didnt feel like watching football with approx 75000 supporters, You know what I mean.

6. This is video of Van Der Sar, currently the best goalkeeper in Europe. I did touch his hand and please dont get me wrong, Im still straight ok. Huahua. But sorry, I did ‘bebel’ in Malay.






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2 responses to “Manutd vs Bolton Vids

  1. owhh best giler ok?? haha…ferdinand sgt cool. carrick takde ye time tu? giggs? hehe..

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