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Before I depart to UK, I found two interesting books. The first one is ‘Bercinta Sampai ke Syurga’ by Ustaz Hasrizal Jamil and ‘Investing in Stocks’ by Theresa Hamacher.

Bercinta Hingga ke Syurga

The first book is the continuation from the book entitled ‘Aku Terima Nikahnya’. It basically tells us the story of the author how he met the love of his life and also the guidance in relationship (between man and women) according to Islamic rules.

I really don’t know what this book is all about but I am confident that this book is very interesting to read. I recommend it. You can buy it at the famous bookstores in KL like Kinokuniya, Popular and others. The price is RM25. Please don’t judge this book by its cover. It is not jiwang-jiwang type of book.

Investing for Stocks

The second book is the type of book that I had searched since a month ago. It is actually good for those who are thinking to invest but don’t have much idea about investment. Although the money is not there yet, it is not wrong to have knowledge about it. The price of this book is quite expensive, RM54.50. I found the book at Kinokuniya KLCC.

I am thinking to share the money with my brother to invest somewhere. InsyaAllah. However, to have the knowledge about this, you need to know what Islamic rules say. There are plenty of books regarding Islamic finance. The most famous author is Ustaz Zaharudin Abdul Rahman. You can check his books in this website.

I am still searching this type of book. So if there is any suggestion, I’ll be more than happy to know.



26 Sept 2009



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3 responses to “Books preview

  1. best ke ‘Bercinta Sampai ke Syurga’ tu? macam menarik jer!

  2. sebnrnya aku tk bce lagi, tp based 1st buku die.. mmg menarik cerita n nsiht die.. klu tk bce yg 1st punye, u shud read d first one.. tajuk die ‘aku terima nikhnya’ same author..

  3. aini

    hihi!aku terima nikahnya pon lom habes lg. oh lagi stu try la, ku pinang engkau dgn hamdalah. best gak (tp as usual pilih2 chapter je bc)

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