Summary of my summer holiday

Ticketmanutd vs malaysia ticket

Manutd Asia Tour – Although I have met the players quit a few time in UK, it was really excited, watching my favourite football team play at my home country. Im also glad dat Malaysia played well.

Initially, the players planned to stay for a game with Malaysia selection. Due to d bombing in Jakarta, they cancelled their game with Indonesia selection and replaced it with re-match with Malaysia. It was an honour to see them playing with Malaysia with their new ugliest kit for d first time, haha. I did go to d both of d game.

Gathering Photogrand gathering

Gathering SKTT 98 – At first, I was so jealous of my 2nd brother bcoz he had his gathering with their 6 Raya SKTT 94 frens. I was waiting for the frens inviting me to such gathering.

After a while, there was an invitation to the gathering. FYI, I have not met them since 11 years ago.  Now, I am glad I found them. There were 2 gatherings. The first was a grand one, organised by An, Ikmal and Wan. The 2nd was a small one organised by Azizul Hasyim aka bob. Thanx mates.

Here is d link – gathering-alumni-sktt-98-tribute

epl Pictures, Images and Photos

EPL-ing – Watching EPL in Malaysia is by far more enjoying than watching it in UK (excluding watching in stadium itself). It is because in Malaysia, Astro (TV broadcaster) broadcasts almost all EPL games every week. Unlike in UK, we don’t have ‘astro’ in our house. So, if I wanted to watch EPL, I have to watch it in the internet. The smoothness of screen is heavily depends on the internet connection.

One more reason why I like Malaysia in terms of watching EPL is because of the Mamak aka Maple. The environment and passion of the supporters are superb. On the other side, in UK, I have to go to the bar (full of smelly drunkard) and small space fast food restaurant. However, I plan to subscribe astro in UK as a soon we buy a tv.

Gameweek 5latest teams

Fantasy Football – Playing fantasy premier laegue is also my new hobby. Being a manager to get the high points is not easy. You must have good knowledge about the progress of players, injury and others. It is really enjoying watching your players’ action especially when they score or assist. My favourite players is Adebayor, haha. Above are my latest team.

my idol

Ramadhan-ing – This is the most memorable ramadhan ever for me. There were lot of sweet memories including the gatherings. I will miss all the ‘tazkirah selingan’ during tarawikh. All speakers were brilliant. They talk about ramadhan and issue regarding Muslims nowadays. Thank you Allah for giving me the opportunity to reach this ramadhan.

More importantly, I hope that the current ruler of the state will continue rule the state and hopefully they will conquer Malaysia sooner or later, insyaALLAH. Because of them, the effort of dakwah and spread of Al-Quran knowledge grows. Takbir!!!

Raya-ing – The entry will be published soon with a lot of pictures. Hehe.



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7 responses to “Summary of my summer holiday

  1. Wah, summer holiday yang colorful. Bagus-bagus. Entri khusus untuk kawan-kawan SKTT ko yang teman tapi mesra takde? hahaha. Sure Wan sokong aku nih

    ps : Sebenarnya nak suruh Wan baca kat sini, aku nak entri dari dia gak (wah ikhlas la sangat permintaan aku kan?haha)

  2. haha.. boleh2.. nnti aku akan buat entry untuk rakan2 SKTT yg aku br jumpe lepas 11 tahun tk jumpe.. you ask 4 it? you got it.. =P

  3. haha cm ngeri je ayat last..

    you ask 4 it? you got it..haha

  4. maknenye aku nak buat la.. ape ngerinye.. actually kan, ko bg aku idea nak buat entry ape plak pasni.. sementara free nih.. malam masih mude.. enjoy la bro.. eh silap.. enjoyla sis..

  5. bagus bagus..tulis tulis ^_^

    banyak ko nye malam.dh subuh dh ni.haha

  6. Azizul Hasyim

    ahahaha…well spelled mate!

  7. wan nf

    owh cik glory.. nk entry dr aku ye? ok2.. aku wt 1 entry bkn je utk ko.. tp bkn utk ko je. tp utk thaha smith skali. a tribute to him cz ak bace pmintaan ko ni thru his blog. he3.. tp xde la plak gmbo korg bdue same2 ye nk upload kt entry tu nnt..–> klu x bole tru mal nye post hari tu: “entry utk wan nf n eqmal rome”.. huhu.. ok.. skrg gk gue mengarang

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